What Mistakes Are Killing Your Start-up? #8: Obstinacy, Mathieu Carenzo

  1. “No plan survives the interaction with customers/users” — Steve Blank.
  2. While iterating on your product and service; you will discover needs you did not anticipate.
  3. You do not know your market till you try to sell…
  4. Often ideas are thought to be developed for the B2C market when B2B is the natural fit; not to mention that this is the only way to generate recurrent revenues early in the launching process.
  5. Assumptions and hypothesis are the biggest enemies of the entrepreneurs.
  1. Fail to recruit a great team because you don’t recognize your own shortcomings or you are unwilling to delegate.
  2. Fail to pivot because, in some cases, an overconfident entrepreneur simply cannot comprehend that customers might be rejecting their product.
  3. Scale prematurely due to an impatient drive to see your vision become a reality.
  4. Stay in stealth mode too long feeling no need to secure early market feedback.
  5. Provoke cofounder disputes by battling ceaselessly for dominance and control of the venture’s direction.
  6. And last but not least; fail to secure financing from VC’s for your lack of constructive leadership.

How can you deal with it?

And finally… how do you know you are on the right track?



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Mathieu Carenzo

Mathieu Carenzo

My mission is to empower entrepreneurs by bringing transparency throughout the early stage fundraising process.